Our Leaders

Our pastor has been married to Sister Pauline for over 31 years and they have three children, Dino, Petra, and Joshua. They are blessed with one grandson Donte, aged 8. They have cared for at least 50 children as foster carers, and still continue this good work until now.


Since his arrival in 2009, Pastor Gus has been working to make the church relevant to its local community; this means being an inclusive multi-cultural Christian community where everyone feels at home and where people are given the opportunity to contribute to the development and well being of each member of the church.

Pastor Gus is charismatic in his leadership style and his vision is to encourage others to fulfil their potential at all levels of life. If we were to use one word to describe our Pastor, It would have to be enthusiastic. In regards to the delivery of God’s word, he is passionate and sincere, and wants to motivate everyone to be on fire for the Lord.


Pastor is a saxophonist and through his influence we are always seeking new levels of worship while being mindful about not leaving behind those who may not quite be able to let go and let God in. Pastor Gus planted his first church in 1992 in West London out of which an Asian Christian church was planted; he has also seen a number of pastors grow out of his ministry. In 2012 he was invited to ordain two pastors and become their overseer for a church plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which they would lead. The church is now over 200 strong and growing. Pastor has brought many other pastors to preach and encourage the church over years. 

Upcoming Events

Apply now to be part of this years "Women2Gether 2017"

"I am excited and expectant as God has prepared a banquet for us this year. The only requirement is that you come ready to receive".

Venue: Carshalton Baptist Church

Date: Saturday 24th June 2017

Time: Doors open at 8:30 am, registration begins at 9:00 am

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