Sunday School

Sunday school starts at  11.15am – Here are examples of what we cover with the children at Sunday School.

Sunday school age 5s and under: - foundation bible stories, using songs and play.

Infants: 5-7: Learning to pray, singing, memorising Books of the Bible, having fun.

Group 1 Juniors: 7-9: Memorising bible verses and using them in our everyday lives, e.g. giving thanks, being grateful, having fun using word search.

Group 2 Juniors: 9-11: How Do I Pray, using Philippians 1 v 3-11) having joy, expressing yourself (2nd Timothy 1v7) getting rid of fear. Honoring God and parents.

Young Teens: 11-14: Learning to give all our cares to Jesus, how to grow in confidence (Philippians 1v6). Being a Christian is not only for Sundays. Making a commitment to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Having fun but keeping it clean.